Empty Tank Members
Next Gig March 17 - St Henry Nite Club

You've navigated to the new site for Empty Tank, formerly the Impulse band from West Central Ohio. Empty Tank is a high energy rock band playing party hits from the 60s through today! Check the menu at the top to find out all the information you need to know as far as dates you can check us out, what you can expect to hear when you come see us, a little about the band, and much more. Also, make sure to check out the photo section and see what kind of crazy pictures we have. Hopefully you won't find any pictures of yourself doing something you can't remember!

We've been very busy here the last couple of months. We've played a lot of gigs at a bunch of different venues and it's been great to see all the returning faces. We really appreciate the support!

Good news! Our photos are back online, so please check them out. Again, if you don't like how you look in them, blame our camera guy Todd.